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Courts Fail to Render Popular Verdicts from Facebook

Court gavel

Despite thousands of hastags and emotional rants, U.S. courts still continue to follow evidence rather than Facebook protests.

Several high-profile cases in the past few years did not follow the viral Facebook movements to render a guilty verdict, despite the fact that everyone “totally believed he was guilty.”

“It’s becoming a real problem, as more and more people feel triggered by these insensitive court decisions,” said the Huffsalot Post. “It doesn’t matter if the person is guilty or not, what matters is that our feelings need to be protected from people who disagree with us.”

One female comedian commented about the recent Kesha case, “What is this country coming to? You need evidence for a conviction?! This is why women don’t speak up: we get ask for facts and evidence, and you just can’t ask us that. It’s sexist.”

The U.S. Department of Justice is having talks with Mark Zuckerbutt Zuckerberg about implementing a voting system directly into Facebook, a system similar to the ads on the sidebar. Instead of an ad, you would have a court case and you could click guilty or not guilty.

“This would ensure that people who have no connection with the case get to decide the fate of an individual,” Zuckerberg stated. “We want as little evidence as possible. Evidence hurts feelings, and feelings are all that matter. If you feel like someone is guilty, they’re guilty.”

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