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Fan Excited for Year’s Lineup of Unfinished Games


Dan Walls of Washington says the future is bright for the unfinished game community, a group that recently emerged out of the slew of early access games being made a available to the public through a gaming service called Steam.

“I was always a video game fan,” Walls explains, “but I always felt like I was spending money for a WHOLE package. Where are the glitches? Where are the unfinished combat systems? Why are the amazing stealth mechanics still in the game when the developers could ruin them at the last minute? Good questions I think, folks.”

Walls says that he’s part of a thriving community of people who want to spend money on half-finished games with no legal promise on the developers end to finish the game.

“When the first 1.0 patch lands, when the game comes out of early access, it’s not that interesting to me anymore. Yeah, there’s still some bugs and glitches, but by then I’ve moved on to the next half-finished game.”

We asked Walls to recount his most fond memory of an early access game, he said, “One time, I bought a game that was so buggy, it crashed after 10 seconds. The developer abandoned it immediately, so it never got updated. I find that I keep going back to it, reliving that moment when I found a game I knew was going to be a classic. Worth every penny of my $100 Christmas gift from grandma.”

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