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Portland Chef Takes Pictures of Food to Add Signature Flavor

Chef Antonio

As a special finishing touch to his signature dishes, Chef Antonio of Rigmarole Italian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, takes photos of the food before letting anything go out to a customer.

“These days, some folks still aren’t aware that you have to take pictures of your food to make it taste its best,” he explained. “The photography releases Pretentiocides¬†in the food, which break up and activate the flavor when the photo is taken.”

Chef Antonio made the decision after some negative Yelp reviews complaining about the taste of the food. He also mentioned that he has hired two new Chefs to do nothing but post the photos on Facebook and Instagram.

“Facebook is the real final touch,” Chef Antonio explained. “When you post the photo to the internet, it releases an additional complex protein known as Nobodycariums. My Yelp reviews went up, on average, a full star after Chef Jones and Chef Tanner came in.”

“Choosing the right instagram filter is also important,” he added. “Someone Juno’d my tossed salad the other day and I had to throw the whole batch out. That guy ain’t here no more.”

Indeed, Portland is a hub for trend setting on the West Coast, and Chef Antonio expects a rise in competition from other restaurants in the area.

“We’re already setting aside funds for better and better, you know, cameras and exploratory committees for new websites to post the photos on,” he said. “Thanks to a little Italian¬†innovation and foresight, we’ll be ahead of the curb for a long time.”

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