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Homeless Man Wanders into Fashion Show, Sparks Trends


Then in a strange stupor resulting from taking several uppers and a bottle of Jack, a homeless man named Jim Holmstrom stumbled his way into a fashion show in New York City and become the center of fashion media firestorm.

“Wha?” Holmstrom reportedly said when the cameras turned on him. “Look, I’m just lookin’ for some hot wemmins and maybe an open bar. You uptight New Yorker ****heads usually have something like that, OK?”

Holmstrom apparently did not expect his attire of choice would start new trends in the hipster community.

“I’ve already been experimenting with Urine scented cologne,” said Demir Marcus, a young fashion designer. “I’m also rolling out a new line of blanket-scarves that come pre-rolled around in dirt for several hours so you get that perfect, grungy look to it all.”

When asked whether or not Holmstrom would be licensing any modeling deals, he said, “Models huh? Like hot lady-types? Hell yeah!”

Meanwhile, some are raising concerns about the appropriation of homeless culture, but their voices are small in the rising tide of West Coast fashion.

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